Guide to Postpartum Waist Training

You've heard about postpartum waist training and are wondering whether you should try it? Or maybe you are ready to get your postpartum waist trainer but confused about what style and size to get? We've put together this complete guide to postpartum waist training to make this process as easy as possible! 

Getting your body and waist back after having a baby can be hard for all mums. While those first weeks and months are an exciting time with your new bub, feeling confident and happy with your body after going through such a big change is hard. Wearing a waist trainer, can help to restore strength to the stomach area during this time. With such a big change to your body, a waist trainer worn in conjunction with a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise, is definitely going to help you in getting your body back to its best.

Even celebrities have talk about trying it, with Nicole Trunfio, Skye Wheatley, Emilee Hembrow and Abby Gilmore all using trainers to help get their pre-pregnancy body back! We've put together a list of the most common questions to help you find the perfect style for you.

How long after giving birth can I use it?

Both of the wraps are fine to use straight after having your baby. These styles are designed specifically for women who have just had a baby, and aren’t too compressive or restrictive for that reason. Still offering support to your core area, these can be used as soon as you feel comfortable. You are also fine to use these if you have had a c-section. If you are unsure, it may be best to check with your doctor as each individual pregnancy journey is different.

How do I know what size to buy?

Knowing what size you’re going to be after having your baby is difficult. Without a bump, your whole body is sure to change in shape so quickly. Our general recommendation is to purchase one to two sizes larger than your pre-pregnancy size. For example if you are a size L before your pregnancy, we'd suggest getting either the XL or 2XL. 

What is the difference between the styles?

We have two postpartum wraps, designed specifically for women who have just had a baby. Unlike our regular core trainers, these aren’t too compressive around the stomach area, and are more gentle on the body after pregnancy while still providing the support and strength you need. Both made from non-latex materials to ensure an easy transition into waist training.

Belly Wrap Black

Our Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap sits on your lower abdomen area and is made from a breathable, mesh material. With a double velcro wrap closure, this wrap is able to provide support without being too restrictive. Offering support to the uterus, abdomen, pelvis, back and spine, this wrap is a gentle option to assist in your postpartum recovery.

Belly Band Stripe

The Post Pregnancy Belly Band Stripe sits more across the whole stomach area. This is a slightly firmer fit opposed to the wrap with its stronger structure. With this more secure fit, this band is also going to assist more in improving your posture. Assisting with abdominal separation and swelling, this band will help your post pregnancy journey.

Basic Core Trainer

The Core Trainer is our basic latex waist trainer in our range and available in black, nude, pink, blue and leopard. We recommend waiting around 4-6 weeks after birth before using this trainer as it is a much tighter and more restrictive fit than the post pregnancy band or wrap. With 6 rows of metal boning, and three rows of hooks for you to work your way down in size as your waist becomes smaller. This will assist more in shaping your waist post pregnancy.

Core Trainer Packs

We offer a Post Pregnancy Two and Three Pack which gives you the different styles so you can have them all while saving money as well!

How do I know I'm ready to move from the belly band and wrap to the basic core trainer with clips? 

We recommend the band and wrap for around 2 months postpartum before progressing to the basic core trainer. The latex trainers are quite a tight fit, and your body might not be quite ready for it yet. Being a latex trainer, they are designed to be firm however, you need to be comfortable wearing it. Listen to your body and take your time in progressing. 

How do I know it is safe to use if I have had a C-section?

Our postpartum wrap and band are definitely safe to use after having a C-section and many of our customers have used the wraps straight after birth. However, we do always recommend checking with your doctor as each individual pregnancy journey is different. 


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