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Guide to Waist Training




Waist training is a gradual process of sculpting the body and waistline by using our Core Trainer compression garments, in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and exercise.

Compression is the application of balanced inward forces to different points on a material or structure to reduce it’s size in one or more direction - the application of which results in a smaller and tighter waistline.

Wearing your Core Trainer can assist in diminishing your food intake by eating smaller meals throughout the day.

Our Core Trainers can facilitate the process of thermogenesis, which is the production of heat that causes perspiration that rids the bodies of toxins, unwanted fat and impurities.

Core Trainer can also aid the relief of back pain and tension through correct posture that is achieved by the waist trainer forcing you to stand and sit straight and upright.

Wearing the Core Trainer post pardum or post pregnancy is an ideal method for shaping your waist line and supporting your fitness training to help in gaining your pre-baby body back.



You’ve decided to take the first step in sculpting your waist and try your first core trainer but not sure which one is right for you?

We’ve put together this simple guide to make the experience as easy as possible so you can begin your journey today.


If you’re starting out we recommend easing yourself into your new waist training routine to help you adjust to this change. To familiarise yourself with this process we recommend a core trainer that is less restrictive and breathable yet still slimming to get you used to wearing a trainer yet still instantly slimming.


To step up your waist training and achieve more shaping of the waist, we recommend a core trainer with a higher level of compression achieved by more boning and high performance materials such as latex. 


Our premium range is for those wanting to achieve the maximum results from their core trainer. Achieved thought a high quality latex with limited stretch and 9 rows of flexible steel boning to ensure the highest level of tightness with a sturdy and supportive core.

Need help finding your size? See our size guide to get your perfect fit

Have we answered your questions? If you have further questions or need assistance in selecting your Core Trainer please contact our team via 



The best practice to wearing your waist trainer to help you achieve maximum results

  • Begin wearing your Core Trainer initially 2-4 hours a day when active to break in the garment gradually ensuring not to over train, then increase to 4-6 hour per day
  • As you have adjusted to the trainer cinch the trainer and corset tighter by moving to the next set of clasps
  • As your waist becomes smaller, the corset will now become more comfortable and you can progress to the next size down as part of your continued waist-reduction regime.
  • Support your program with a healthy diet and regular exercise
  • Begin seeing the results after 30 days

Keep in mind that individual’s body shapes are different and your progress will depend much on your level of physical activity and your body type.

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