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We understand if you have questions or have apprehensions, so we’ve provided answers here. If you don’t find what you need, please email your question to, we’ll be happy to hear from you!

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How do I know which size do I get?
Please use the Core Trainer size chart as an approximate guide to start with. If you are in-between sizes, we usually advise going up to the larger size.The core trainer has 3-size notches that you can progress into as you train your waist smaller. smaller. We don’t advise getting one on the smaller side then planning you can train into that size if you can't fit in it from the first stage.

What if my waist trainer feels too tight?
Waist trainers are meant to be tight, if it doesn’t pull tight on your waist then it won’t work. We advise you to have someone with you to assist you in getting into the core trainer as it can be tricky at the beginning. The waist trainer will be tight when you first start wearing it and will start to strengthen your core and shape your waist. Over time you will find it will feel more comfortable as it shapes you. We also recommend wearing the waist trainer on top of a cotton singlet and not directly on your skin.

How long should I wear my waist trainer for each day?
We recommend starting with two (2) hours a day and slowly increasing to around eight (8) hours maximum per day. Our Core trainer can also be worn as shapewear and over or under your favourite outfit.

Can I workout in my waist trainer?
Yes, you certainly can. Our latex waist trainers are tailored for fitness. We recommend that you do your workout with the waist trainer than without it.  It’s important to train your core strength as the waist trainer will support your core and posture. If you do not strengthen  your core while waist training then your body might compensate for additional support instead of getting that support from your waist trainer.

The core trainer is not just for active time, it can be worn for everyday use to maximise your waist training and also to get better definition while wearing your regular clothes.

What benefits do waist trainers have?

- Reduces your waist size instantly when worn (approx. 2 inches and even up to 10 inches). 
- Shapes your waist.
- Improves posture - helps you stand tall and confident.
- Helps in postpartum stomach and helps revert it back to post-pregnancy size.
- Increases  thermal activity.
- Stimulates perspiration.

Are waist trainers safe?
This is a common misapprehension.
Our waist trainers are far from the old-fashioned corsets used during the Victorian age which were pulled from the back, were extremely tight and made use of non-stretchable fabrics that over time created a distorted and over-the-top female silhouette. Because of that many people think that using waist trainers will crush the internal organs even if this is not the case.  

Waist trainers today, like our quality Core trainers are designed to improve overall health through posture correction and core support. It is made of stretchy and comfortable  fabrics that although are tight for compression, still allows you to move. They can be likened to super tight spandex or undergarment which comfortably sits on your waist.

By following the correct fitness and health plan recommended for you and keeping a healthy lifestyle, you should be able to get the best out of your waist trainer.

Waist training corsets have also been endorsed by US Surgeon Alexander Sinclair and he recommends it to his clients to use in conjunction with a healthy eating plan.

Can I sleep in a waist trainer?
Yes you can and because the waist trainer acts as a posture-correcting band, it aids in proper breathing while sleeping and trains your body for continuous correct posture during your waking hours.

Will waist training help with my post pregnancy body?
Yes it will.
During pregnancy, most of the weight gain is caused by water retention and because a waist trainer induces natural thermogenesis in the body, it helps rid of excess body fluid and fat. The gradual compression technology also provides immediate support to a woman’s pelvis, hips and thighs postpartum assisting in the healing process.

Please check  with our health professional as each individual’s recovery may vary. At Core trainer we recommend waiting at least  one (1) week after giving birth before using the waist trainer. If you gave birth via a C -section, we suggest waiting approximately two (2) weeks before you start waist training.

When will I receive my order?

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How much is Shipping?
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Can I exchange the size?

Yes, we will exchange products with the wrong size provided it has not been worn. You may send an email to for details on how to process a product exchange. Please note we do not process refunds.  

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