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Are you dreaming of ripped abs, strong legs and a sexy booty? A waist trainer is a great help to get you there, it is known for it’s amazing effect on your body. Besides your core waist trainer workouts, it’s important to be on track with your diet in order to lose fat and build up muscle tissue.

Today I want to talk about my favorite nutrition tips to get maximum results from your core trainer. To accomplish a strong, sexy and toned look you need to work on your food intake as well. Why? Because working out only won’t cut the deal.

Here’s my 4 step plan towards fat loss:
1. Determine how many calories you should eat
When you know your body fat percentage (measured by someone who knows what he’s doing) click here and use the Katch-McArdle formula. If you don’t know how much body fat you have, click here and use the Harris-Benedict formula calculator. This is less accurate compared to the Katch-McArdle formula but take notice: both formulas only give you an estimation.

2. Lose fat fast
For shredding fat you need to eat less then you consume on a daily basis. How much depends on how fast you want to lose weight and if it’s acceptable to lose some muscle mass as well. When you want to lose a lot of bodyfat or lose it fast, create a bigger deficit then when you want to focus on long term results, or focus on just getting ‘a bit’ leaner. Let’s say you want to drop your bodyfat for a decent amount in the coming 12 weeks and decrease the amount of calories with 20%. Is your daily maintenance calculated at 2000 kcal, we’re going to aim for an intake of 1600 kcal.

3. Providing calories: the macro nutrients
How many calories you eat daily determines whether you will lose fat or will gain weight (either fat or muscle tissue). Are there other factors that are of influence? Yes! The macro nutrients that build up the calories are also of importance. All the food you eat is built up of some combination, or one of the 3 macros: protein, fat and carbohydrates. The balance between the different macros determines the effect on your physical and mental performance and well-being.

4. Balance between protein, carbs and fat
Find a balance between protein, carbs and fat that works best for your body and contributes to your body goals. What works best for you might be different than what works best for me, because it’s personal. 

Most of all: please don’t forget that it’s important to eat in order to lose weight and fat and will help you to get the most out of your core waist trainer exercises!

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Please consult your physician before changing your diet   

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