Blogger of the Month: Cassandra Victoria

Introducing our new inspirational blogger of the month, qualified personal trainer Cassandra Victoria, who has lost an amazing 55kgs through her own health and fitness journey! Since Cassandra's initial weight loss, she has now started to incorporate her Core Trainer into her everyday routine to keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

Exercise is a crucial part with any type of fitness and health goal. So whilst your Core Trainer will provide you with additional support, exercise can allow you to see further physical results. Exercise will help your physical health (e.g. heart rate, blood pressure, insulin control), but also with your mental health, such as depression and anxiety.

So, should training with your Core Trainer be any different to when you are doing your daily exercise routine? No. The best part about the Core Trainer’s is that they are flexible and move along with the motion of your body. It’s almost as if you are just wearing another layer of skin. So there are no excuses not to exercise in it! If anything it will help speed up results for you in the long run!

I’m one of those trainers who believe all you need is an intense 30-45 minute workout, rather than a dragged out workout than can go on for hours. This is because I firmly believe, that if you’re working out just as hard as you would in a 60-90 minute session, and you will see the same results in a shorter period of time. Doing circuit styled training, that incorporates functional exercises, its most beneficial for your body. Why? Because you’re training your body not to just function properly and to stay strong now, but also for the future when mobility is tougher. Training your abs is especially important for not just your present self, but also your future self. Your abdominal region of your body is basically your support system for your back. The weaker your core, the weaker your back which means you will more than likely suffer from back problems when you are older. So overall, this is why I believe circuit styled exercises are the most effective- not just because they’re quick and just as effective as a 60 minute session, but also because it allows you to train in a functional way.

An example of a circuit that you can have a go at (whilst using your Core Trainer of course!), is just like one listed below. The aim of it is to be functional, yet have a main focus on exercises that make you use every single muscle in your abdominal region. Give it a go!

Warm up: 10 minute brisk walk

Circuit 1:

Complete 3 times, 30 second break between; do 12 reps in each set

Leg raises

Step Ups

Toe Touches


2 minute break

Circuit 2:

Complete 3 times, 30 second break between; do 12 reps in each set

Abs crunches

High Knees

Push Ups


2 minute break

Circuit 3:

Complete 3 times, 30 second break between; do 12 reps in each set


Bicycle Crunches



2 minute break

Circuit 4:

Complete 3 times, 30 second break between; do 12 reps in each set

High Knees (12 each leg)

Donkey Kicks

V-Sit Ups


  • Cassandra Victoria

Instagram: @cassvictoria


If you would like to ask Cassandra any questions leave a comment below!

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