In a world of Kardashians....

In a world of Kardashians.... 

Be a Patsy! Well that’s my motto and I even have the shirt to prove it.  

As a mum of four it’s easy to get a bit frazzled over the insane amount of perfect bodies, with perky butts, tiny waists and Barbie boobs. All teamed perfectly, with piles of make up, filters and dog ears to finish off the product. Sounds harsh but this is the reality of what we all see on a daily basis. It’s the modern times of beauty. 

Another thing you see on a regular basis is this... waist trainer thing. These bands that women wear. What are they? What do they do? Why are the Kardashians going on about this new fad?  

Apparently not. I was in shock when both my midwives ( in their 60’s) raved about the benefits of using one after birth... especially after a fourth child!  

Well blow this Patsy down! 

Ok, ok, .... I’m listening.  

Benefits after birth include: 

  • Strengthen abdominal section and support it during recovery 
  • Relief from afterbirth pain 
  • Help contract uterus back into place 
  • Improve posture 
  • Help waist sync back in 

And my personal experience....

  • Boost your CONFIDENCE! 

I tell you what, sweetie, darling! It works. I stand here as a mum of four, cynical of most things lately and tell you now.... I wish I did it sooner. I love it. 

It also comes in handy to give you a nice shape under a little LBT or party frock, so you are winning either way.

I pop mine on for a few hours everyday (I’ve increased the time as I go along) and I am seeing noticeable improvements already. I have even made my BFF go get one and she herself is absolutely loving it.

If you have had a baby or are about to I can not recommend enough giving it a go for your postpartum recovery. I truly wish this was something shown to me with my first child!  

Absolutely Fabulous!  

So in a world of Kardasians and dog ear filters... you can still be a Patsy and waist train!  

Jess wears Core Trainer Black

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