Core Trainer Essentials 2 Pack
Core Trainer Essentials 2 Pack
Core Trainer Essentials 2 Pack
Core Trainer Essentials 2 Pack

Core Trainer Essentials 2 Pack

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Why not have the best of both worlds with our Core Trainer Essentials Pack. Never go a day without your Core Trainer, this combo is ideal for everyday disguising easily under any outfit and for the girl who wants to maintain a consistent waist training routine. Our two packs ensure you'll always have a waist trainer to wear and you can avoid missing a day of training when one is in the wash. 

This pack includes 1x Core Trainer Black and 1x Core Trainer Neutral.

Core Trainer

A firm compression corset, our Core Trainer is part of our base range of waist trainers. This trainer is design to ease your way into waist training, comfortable yet strong, this latex cotton waist trainer will cinch in your waist providing structure and strength to your torso, instantly improving posture and help with slimming down your mid section. 

  • Measurements: Length: 31cm; Width: 63cm (measured from a size small)
  • Black colour
  • Small make
  • Design to feel firm and tight
  • Size and fit is same as basic zipper and breathable latex but different to other trainers
  • Triple hook and eye front closure 
  • High-tech cotton lining provides comfort and breathability
  • 4 rows flexible steel boning

In conjunction with regular physically fitness and well balanced diet, these two core trainers will work hand in hand helping you ease into waist training and keep you on track with toned slimed down mid section and improved posture.

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